Our goal is to create sustainable development opportunities for 1,000,000 Colombians through ACOTUR and its associates. We also strive to manage high-impact projects within different regions in the country.

Our projects:

Through our associates, we study data to create specialized teams, capable of solving the challenges within the tourism sector.

The foundations of our management methods are:

  • Knowledge: we are privileged to count with an involved and active community, open to sharing data for ACOTUR and its allies in order to have a wider scope on the tourism industry.
  • Coordination: We have built solid ties with key players and stakeholders of the tourism industry. We have created cooperation efforts with both the private and public sector in order to achieve mutual goals.
  • Depth: ACOTUR's diversity allows us to combine efforts with the international market and the different regions in the country. Our business groups and regional leaders allow us to expand our outreach within Colombia and various tourism niches.

Our products and services:

We provide consulting services, guidance and project management. We focus our strengths in the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

We have three action guidelines that focus on the growth of the tourism industry in Colombia:

Chain of value: we connect the high demand of sustainable tourism with the national and international supply. We have created focus groups, exhibitions, events, and workshops to encourage and strengthen the bonds within the industry to improve the tourism promotion.

Market strength: we support businesses, entrepreneurs and/or tourism initiatives to create practical strategies to expand business models through the “Learning by Doing methodology. We also give counsel to the public sector and private institutions, in order to revitalize the tourism industry.

Tourism sustainability: we encourage entrepreneurs and organizations to get sustainability certificates with our strategic alliances. We measure and analyze the impact of good practices through our group of local ongoing projects and initiatives.

Executed projects:

# Project Name
1 Nature tourism market analysis
2 National Tourist Profiles - Stakeholders - Impact Covid
3 Call 677 (Colombia Productiva): Productive linkages in the tourism market.
4 Entrepreneur’s workshop for the Natural Wealth program
5 Enforce reactivation strategies for the tourism sector in Cundinamarca. Empower 20 entrepreneurs to generate market opportunities within the sustainable tourism guidelines in Colombia.
6 Strengthen the Green Business strategy in Casanare by organizing an investment symposium to expand the regional branding.